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Friday, November 30, 2012

Third Eagle of the Apocalypse Offers Post-Election K-Pop Antichrist Analysis

Third Eagle of the Apocalypse and Co-Prophet of the End-Times William Tapley wasn't surprised that Obama won the election. As he notes 13 seconds into this video, he predicted it:
[I] called the last two elections in the United States, 100% correct. Can you name any other so-called prophet on the YouTube who's done the same. I don't think so.
 But even though Obama won, he won't last out his term:
You Democrats, you who think you can deny God three times at your convention and that Satan will, therefore allow you to have the leopard [Obama] for four more years, you are sadly mistaken. In Daniel 7, the Antichrist is the one who follows the Leopard and he will come next. And Satan wants to bring the Antichrist in as soon as possible. Believe me we have very little time left.
We know this because:
Four years ago Barack Obama was elected on the 4th of November. This week he was re-elected on the 6th of November. The number 4 announced the arrival of Leopard, but the number six this week is announcing the arrival of the Antichrist.
So who is the Antichrist?
Many times God has already revealed who Barack Obama is through sporting events...This time however, God has changed His plan. He is announcing the Antichrist through popular music.

Yes, God is announcing the arrival of the Antichrist, Gangham Style!
...let's take a look at "Gangham Style." The three most important words are "Oppan," "Gagnam," and "Style." and if you put those into English...I believe the words that we want to study are: "Open," Gangland," Style." ...the Antichrist is reavealing himself through this phrase. "Open" means this is the grand opening of the Antichrist...Gangland refers to the reign of the Antichrist...and style indicates...he is not a serious human being.
But it's not just Gangham Style:
Now lets take a look at the next viral hit of the summer, and that is "Call Me, Maybe." And there are four very significant phrases in this song...
And the last phrase is really the most interesting: "so call me, maybe." Now, he is not saying "call me on the telephone. What the Antichrist is saying here is: "My name is Maybe." What interesting is that Nostradamus also calls the Antichrist "Mabus."...Now these two words for the Antichrist, "Mabus" and "Maybe" are not identical, but they are very similar; they both begin with the letters "M-A-B."

So who is this Maybe-Mabus gangham style Antichrist?
Some people say that Obama is the AntiChrist. they say that the "B," the "A," and the "M" are reversed in his name and that comes from "Mabus." But I don't believe that. I believe that Mabus, Maybe, or the Antichrist is a different person. And I think the Lord is revealing to us that this is very close to want the name of the Antichrist will be.
That was enough to get me started. After many hours of research, I think I've finally identified the Antichrist: Mabel Reynolds of Fresno, CA.

Here's the full video:

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