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Friday, December 28, 2012

Sheriff Joe to Arm Great Grandpa Elmer to Protect Schools

Yesterday, Sheriff Joe Arpaio announced that he'll begin stationing his crack volunteer armed mall posses in Maricopa County schools:
Arpaio Will Utilize Armed Posse At Schools

The concept of the all-volunteer mall patrol was introduced by Sheriff Arpaio in 1993. Every year, hundreds of men and women from the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Posse volunteer their time during the hectic holiday season to keep local malls safe and secure from opportunistic criminals who attempt to take advantage of the busy malls and parking lots.
Here's a site for Sheriff Joe's Sun City Retirement Community Posse. As you can see by reading the twenty-two pages of MS-Word generated text and graphics, they're responsible for such important law enforcement tasks as:
...observ[ing] partly open garage doors...placing of a uniformed Posse and either a patrol car or an unmarked patrol van by the home during a funeral...Once again, the Posse is doing holiday season Sun City mall patrol. We are also patrolling the Arrowhead Mall on Friday nights. You will now find us at most Sun City Shopping Centers. Additional patrol cars and Posse Personnel will be on duty. We will be looking for bad guys and presenting a visual presence to make your holiday shopping safer.
Now, they'll be at your child's school, ready to draw down on any perp who walks through the door.

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