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Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Is that the Holy Mother in your mirror

A Medina Ohio woman was surprised when she looked up from her bathtub and saw Mary, Mother of God, looking back at her from her bathroom mirror. According to a report from WKYC television in Cleveland, Mary's been back fifteen times since then.

Although Terra--she asked that her last name not be used--calls it a miracle, the General thinks it might be something more sinister. Why is Mary hanging out in this woman's bathroom and spying on people as they bath and use the facilities? Will she be the next perp to be caught in the ever widening Catholic sex scandal?

Worse yet, Terra reports that the Holy Mother brings her son along on some of her voyeuristic adventures. The very thought of that chills me to the bone. Certainly, it signals that something terrible is happening. Could it be that the Kingdom of Heaven now has HBO?

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