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Saturday, March 26, 2005

The miracle of the mud flap

I noticed something funny when I went out to my command vehicle this morning. I couldn't quite figure out what was different, but something about it made the hair on my back stand straight up. Slowly, I walked around the old pickup truck and examined every scratch, crease, and dent hoping to find the source of my unease.

When I got around to the back, I saw it, a message from our Lord, Jesus Christ, so powerful that it brought me straightway to my knees. You see, dust, dirt, and mud had formed an image on the mud flap--I was staring straight into the eyes of Jeb Bush.

It can only mean one thing. God wants Jeb to walk into Terri Schiavo's hospice room and save her from the people who are trying to end her suffering. Sure, it could end in his arrest and the death of his political career, but given Jeb's recent actions and pronouncements on the case, it's the only option an honorable man like him has. If he fails to do it, people would rightly say that he doesn't really believe the things he's been saying and that he was only trying to build political capital by exploiting an unfortunate woman's suffering.

I think that's why God sent us this miracle of the mud flap. It's His reminder to Jeb that the job isn't finished.

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