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Thursday, March 10, 2005

Wow, another thank you

I'm sure a lot of you are growing tired of the General thanking readers for sending things, but Amazon doesn't include the sender's email address with the receipt. This is usually the only way I can express my thanks. I say usually, because this time, the sender, Dean from Chicago, wrote me a note last week. I could just thank him by sending an email, but I thanked everyone else publicly, so I should do the same for him.

So thank you Dean from Chicago.

He sent me a book by that French, warm-blooded, sea carnivore from Seattle. It's called Death on the Fourth of July. It sounds very patriotic and I look forward to reading it. Heck, maybe I'll even get the author to sign it the next time I go to the Emerald City for a paddling. Don't go reading anything in to that. I'm not saying that David Neiwert is the man who I pay to spank me back into righteousness after I've sinned. I don't think he does that kind of thing. After all, he's a journalist, not a White House reporter.

Dean also sent me this interesting link to a network map of political books based on purchase patterns It's fascinating.

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