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Friday, March 23, 2007

Sherman's march to Seattle

My inner Frenchman is embarrassed to admit that he hasn't read any of Sherman Alexie's books, but he's a big fan of his films, Smoke Signals and The Business of Fancydancing. And he's also excited to hear that Alexie is going to sign books at Seattle Dan's and Seattle Tammy's place, Jackson Street Books.

Jackson Street Books News Flash: Sherman Alexie to Read on April 1st!

Jackson Street Books is pleased to announce that Sherman Alexie will read and sign copies of his new book, Flight, on Sunday April 1st from three to five p.m. We are co-hosting this event with The Seattle Children's Playgarden project, of which Sherman is the honorary Chair for their Help Us Grow capital campaign. Details of this project can be found at Although donations will not be solicited at the event (though feel free to make contributions!), the project will be looking to develop their contact list. Sherman's website can be accessed at

Please join us. Light refreshments will be available. The event is free and open to the public. Though we don't normally require tickets, we would ask for RSVP's so we know approximately how many people to expect. If you can't make the event, but would still like copies of the book, feel free to contact us.

Jackson Street Books
2301 South Jackson Street Ste. 210
Seattle, Washington 98144
206-324-7001 fax

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