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Saturday, April 14, 2007


A dispatch from Stinkeye:

The always lily-livered MSM would have you believe that the Middle East is in utter shambles. Such screeds of woe, misery, and horror bore me to tears. Sheesh. Get over it, already. Move on. I have. It’s a month since I started serving at the pleasure of Halliburton and I can tell you that the Middle East is to die for! Dubai is fantastic! My decorating gig for Halliburton Corporate is gushing pure oily gold. A couple of weeks ago CEO Dave Lesar, the maestro at moving on, domestically and Iranily, said, “ stinkeye, what’s say you do more than shmooze around here?” ‘Not to worry, Dave’, I told him, though I didn’t take his meaning. ‘Not to worry, Dave’ is what everyone says to him. So, I decided to schmooze around other speculators at the Nad Al Sheba Racecourse on March 31st. Gambling may be illegal in the emirate but the Dubai World Cup is a $6,000,000 race, savy? A sadder but wiser stinkeye knows not to place a ‘prediction’ with Sheik Yerbouti. Ah well, win a little, lose a lot. Wait just a slavering nanosecond, sister, that’s not the way a real Dave Lesar groupie thinks. Hmmmm…Eureeka! I remembered that exactly a year ago that ghoul, Senator Dorgan and that creep, Congressman Waxman, were gnawing on some of that a woe, misery and horror vis a vis Halliburton’s outstanding support for our troops. As I’ve said, such screeds bore me to tears. However, my reaction was considerably more visceral when a Halliburton alumna put things in perspective.

One short year later? KBR? Who? Never heard of 'em. Suckers. The California Leftist Waxman can pound sand. Hah! The United States has no extradition treaty with the United Arab Emirates! You go, Dave! I’m not worthy, I’m so not worthy. In synergizing blasto mode, the latest stinkeye crude came a bubbling to the surface; WATER, my friends!

'Waste not, want not, except in no bid contractual agreements, of course, hah, hah, hah' is the whispered code when Halliburton gives you the secret handshake. Well, all that old spew in Iraq was 50 gallon drummed here before Dorgan’s co-bozos could start messing around with their own litmus paper.

I'm calling it something simple, 'W'.
Leftists are enamored with such minimalism and they’re my target guzzlers. They think stinky cheese is delightsome and they pay through the nose for it. Why not stinky H2O? Hmmmm, maybe I can get a no bid water contract for all the VA hospitals. That which doesn’t kill you makes you stronger! Stinky ’Wet n Wild’ is in the chute. Jenna and not Jenna will be endorsing it. Can’t you just smell the money?

Ain’t war great?

The liberal soul shall be made black: but she that watereth shall be watered also herself Proverbs. 11: 25

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