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Saturday, May 05, 2007

Department of Book Reports: 14 Life Lessons

The Lifelong Activist, How to Change the World Without Losing Your Way, by Hillary Rettig, Lantern Books, $20.00 (a Green Press)

The category of self-help/life enhancement books has always been a thickly populated shelf, often chock-a-block with smarmy "I'm better than you! Here's how!" or pious "Lessons best learnt in Kindygarten" or get-rich-quick ("No money down/OPM" that has brought us this past season's gangsta economy....) And owning a used bookstore allows us to witness the flotsam that surfaces through the used book food chain a year or two after their pub-date. Most of these are tied to this moments' celebrity or fad, and just as fleeting.

Hillary Rettig (herself a member of the GCC3R Troops- Special Agent, Communications: Klingon Translator) has written a very French tome designed to help Liberal Activists achieve balance in their professional, personal, and family lives. This book covers all aspects of your life and how to evaluate and choose the amount and achieve the activism you can accomplish realistically. There is no preaching tone here, just good common sense and business advice. Hillary has come by this knowledge on the ground, not just theoretically. The real person examples are something anyone can relate to, and the goals are something much better than attaining a condo on Maui, tax-free. SusanG over at the Kos gave this book such a glowing review, I can only second her emotion!

Since this is a book designed specially for Liberals wishing to better their society and planet, I thought we should take a moment and see just how this book could be used by Our Dear General's troops to further the GCC3R's grand plans. Let's take a peek at how a typical member of the Troops might use the sample charts to organize their time (click to enlarge):

As you can see from this example, it is quite easy to use this liberal document for our ends also!

Thanks to democommie™™™™®© for agreeing to bare his life for all to see for this bookreport.

The Lifelong Activist is in stock now at Jackson Street Books, and could be special ordered at your local fine independent bookstore, tell them "It's available at Ingram's!" and they will take it from there.


Elsewhere: my window display shows some love to our Staff Pick!


  1. Anonymous2:45 PM

    Seattle Tammy-Thanks for showing us how to make activism as easy as being a soccer mom (or dad), and still have time to shop for fertilizer and phosphorus at the Agway. Overthrowing the government is hard work. Now we can have a revolution, and still look marvelous!
    Can we overthrow Haloscan, and Blogger, too!

    You can afford to eat at Denny's, Red Demo? Things must be going well for you there in Upper Siberia.
    Those mushrooms were not, I repeat not, culinary.

  2. MzNicky6:32 PM

    Annti: I heard that. Don't make me come down there.

  3. My darling Nicky, few things would cheer me more than to see your smiling/snarling face (depending on where you are emotionally, I suppose, and whether our PMS schedules coincide) through the peephole.

    But you ain't NEVER gonna get me to fess up to SHIT, honey!

    I *will,* though, take you chanterelle-hunting in the local woods, though --- no more cow pastures with all of the nouveau-riche yuppie-scum rednecks-with-money white trash turning the woods & pastures into fucking SUBDIVISIONS and GOLF COURSES, but one can still locate a dependable chanterelle. They're selling for about $20 a pound at the gourmet frou-frou restaurants in Baton Rouge, so if I had a 'shroom-pickin' buddy, we could CLEAN *UP*, sistah!

    (Just make sure to bring your own DEET, 'cause it is a flea & tick PLAGUE this year. Makes one long for "love bugs" and locusts, I swear.)

  4. (In other words, none of the "good" shrooms left to be found, m'love. Even the very few remaining cow pastures are bald of the good shrooms, because of the DEA-sponsored additives to the cattle feed that kill the good spores before they can even generate. One good drug that I've never had (of the 2 that I want to try), and apparently, never will.)


We'll try dumping haloscan and see how it works.