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Saturday, June 09, 2007

Stop it.

This thing's gone far enough.

It's unacceptable to write someone's employers about something they wrote on the internet if they were not representing their employers when they did so. There's no gray area here. It's wrong. Don't do it.

Those of you who came here to tell me what a bastard I am are welcome to continue repeating the same things a few hundred people have already said to me. I don't care.

I thank those of you who have shown me support, but I hope you will allow this to end. Some people need to vent. Please let them do so without engaging them.


  1. Just spent 3 hours reading the various opinions spread about the webs. Seems like Brittney was lazy, the General was (understandably) sensitive, and so the conditions were just right to generate a freak wave (of lefty panic). End of message.

  2. I don't know if this is the same individual that wrote the article about Joseph Ratzinger being a Nazi. I hope it is! If it is then you may wish to see the following picture of Joseph Ratzinger wearing nazi uniform when younger. Apparently this was on an italian website which was taken down earlier in the week.

  3. Be my pleasure. Indeed, I'm somewhat honored to be called demented (possibly true), an ass ( I have one), and lacking integrity (because I'm honest? - and not repubthug?) in a post even more critical of you General Sir, Sir. I was once told that when you're a shithead, everything looks like an asshole.


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