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Friday, August 24, 2007

The battle is joined

Heretical Frenchman are plotting to embarrass Our Leader by upstaging His fundraising event for Rep. Dave Reichert (R-Creepyville) with one for his opponent, Darcy Burner (a not-man). We can't let that happen We can't allow Burner to get a bigger bump from Our Leader's appearance than Reichert. We must defeat her fancy internets francotube fundraising machine by diverting part of this weeks caviar and champagne allowance to Rep. Reichart. I suspect there might even be a lucrative FEMA contract for the largest donors.

Don't wait. Contribute now. It would be a tremendous blow to Our Leader's ego if His appearances helped His enemies more than it helped His cronies.

Don't forget Burner's speech-crime against Our Leader:

We are at a very dangerous moment in the American experience. We are under attack by forces outside of this country: Terrorists who are focused entirely on killing Americans and destroying this country. And we are under attack from the inside, by an administration and a majority in Congress that would destroy those things that the American people have fought for and won over the last 215 years.


And at this point, they [our troops in Iraq] are sitting over there getting shot at because the Republican Congress and administration in Washington, DC cannot figure out what their plan is to give Iraq back to the Iraqis and bring our troops home, and that has got to stop.

or this, more recent, bit of treason:

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