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Sunday, August 12, 2007

Sunday Morning Prayer

Dear Friends and Gentle Readers,

This morning I ask that you take a moment from your busy routines and remember those less fortunate. Right here, in this great United States Of God, there are those who are simply without the necessities. Typically found in the bad part of town, but on occasion can be seen wandering around aimlessly in our own neighborhoods, are those who will wake up hungry. It is these people that I would like for us to remember this morning.

What I ask of you is simple. Take two minutes to reach into your fridge or freezer and fill up a grocery bag with your leftovers. Then, on the way to services, take the time to drive that extra mile into areas populated with the needy. Every time you see a homeless person, panhandler, or even someone who looks poor, throw something from the bag at them while screaming “Jesus Loves You!” The look on the recipients face is a blessing in itself, providing you haven’t knocked them unconscious that is, and you will have in some small part helped a person in need.

Word of advice, the frozen foods can be potentially tricky when thrown too hard so use care when distributing, and I do not recommend driving too slowly as you are, after all, driving though an area populated with undesirables.

I pray that each and every one of you will take five minutes out of your day to do something charitable for our friends in need.

Father Lord, please touch the hearts of everyone reading this prayer on this glorious Sabbath morning. As we rush to get the children ready for Sunday school, seek out the perfect purse or belt to go with our new shoes, and see that the housekeeper has a nutritious breakfast on the table in time to make services, let us pause to remember those less fortunate. We have been blessed with a lovely home, some larger than others and in perhaps better neighborhoods, and food for our bellies, though there are those among us who should skip a meal or two whose name I shan’t mention. It is our duty as stewards of our less fortunate brothers and sisters to share our blessings. Please let us be reminded of that today and follow your will. Amen.


Mrs. T.D. Gaines-Crockett
Republican, Baptist, Humanitarian

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