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Saturday, November 24, 2007

Forbidden Garden

I whispered a forbidden fantasy
for a perversion called democracy,
where the powerful do come and go
where the people tell them.
It’s perverse I know.

I searched for dangerous pornography
for pictures of democracy,
where the public gets to have its say
before the rich can have their way.
It’s a kink I will tell you such,
to think the rich do have too much.

I read a book that has been banned,
about a troubled time in a troubled land,
when all they had to fear was fear itself,
and all the old ways went to a shelf.
Then with spade and pick in hand,
the built a shining nation from the sands.

My mind it whirls now like a dervish,
around the subject of this peculiar fetish.
It’s strange to be so aroused you see,
by this lust for a democracy.
Better to be like all the sheep,
and stay well fed, and fast asleep.

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