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Thursday, November 01, 2007

Hopping on Pop

Today, I'm reposting one of the first posts I wrote for Jesus' General as I recharge from all the traveling I've been doing for work.

Is Dr. Seuss promoting the homosexual agenda? Let's take a look at "Hop on Pop" and find out

The introduction of Mr. and Mrs Brown starts out fine. They seem like a nice couple, but why are they standing so far apart?

Next, we learn that Mr. Brown goes out of town. Where does he go? We don't know, but we do see a city in the background. Could it be that Mr. Brown is going to one of those Sodoms or Gomorrahs on the coasts like San Francisco, New York, or Wheeling?

Mr. Brown is gone for awhile living the bachelor life in the city. When he finally comes back. He's not alone. He's walking arm in arm with the mysterious Mr Black. Mrs. Brown is never mentioned again.

So what happened? I think it's pretty obvious. Mr. Brown went off to the big city where he was recruited into homosexuality by the crafty Mr. Black. All this becomes clear when we learn that "Mr. Brown is upside down". His life's been changed. It's topsy turvy.

Who is the mysterious Mr. Black who recruited Mr. Brown into a life of sin. The clothes give us a clue. He's a member of the most powerful group in the world. They secretly control the media. They secretly control the banking system and the global economy. They secretly control our government. They are the power behind the New World Order. Yes, Mr. Black is Amish.

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