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Friday, December 21, 2007

Harry Reid: Hero of the Bush Revolution

Today, Harry Reid receives the highest honor a man can receive in the Ownership Society. He will be named a Hero of the Bush Revolution.

Some might wonder why the first such award would go to a Democrat, especially one who serves as the Senate Majority Leader, rather than a Bush servant like Patrick McHenry, Dave Reichert, or Mitch McConnell. But that's the point really, McHenry, Reichert, and McConnell have no choice but to an autocrat's henchmen every whim. It's part of the Republican DNA. From Livingstone to Bennett to Vitter, the party faithful crave to be ruled and dominated.

But Reid is a Democrat, and has to act against type, or at least the perception of what a Democrat should be, when he carries out Our Leader's orders. Publically, he must struggle with the weight of his decisions, like Anthony Kennedy playing Hamlet, while out of the public eye he uses procedural and scheduling tricks to defeat attempts to withdraw troops from Iraq and oppose efforts to punish those who spy on the American People.

That is Reid's genius. That is why he deserves the honor of being a Hero of the Bush Revolution.

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