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Saturday, April 12, 2008

Department of Book Reports 63: The Virgin Project

The Virgin Project, Real People Share Real Stories by K.D. Boze & Stasia Kato (Girlie Press, $25.00)

The first temptation is to approach this book with a sly snicker. So, go ahead and get that out of your system now. It would be a shame to dismiss this earnest volume out of hand. Kevin Boze and his cousin Stasia Kato interviewed attendees of the Seattle Erotic Art Festival to solicit these true stories. You can still submit your story on their website. First names have been changed and yet, you'll find yourself recognizing these people. Some stories do produce smiles and laughs, but many also show a darker side to the circumstances of the "de-flowering". A few these accounts start out lightly, hesitantly, and then suddenly the remembering is too much, one woman rips off the sign she's been wearing around her neck and declares herself a "victim" no more. It becomes obvious as you read these accounts, how empowering the telling of these stories can be. What might have seemed a light hearted chuckle has become very human by the time you finish this graphic anthology.

Kevin and Stasia's drawings give a special lilt to the pages. While celebrating the joy of the human body in all its forms, they can also portray cringe worthy teens awkwardly caught by the folks mid-tryst.

K.D. Boze will sign copies of the Virgin Project next Saturday, April 19th between 2 and 4pm at Jackson Street Books and the book may be avilable at fine Independent Bookstores everywhere!

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