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Saturday, April 26, 2008

Presents from the IRS

Remember all the hype that the ‘government needs to give your money back because you know how to spend it better than they do’?

Well, I guess that isn’t true any more. Up to a million taxpayers who are eligible for the so-called ‘rebate’ checks will be receiving a package in the mail instead of a thin envelope. Seems the brilliant IRS, in conjunction with the endless snooping by our government into everything we do, has decided to make sure the checks get spent on what THEY want them spent on.

Responding to polls saying most people were planning on using the checks to pay down debt, the govmint feels that is not what they wanted. So, mining the databases, the IRS has compiled a list of people who would ‘most likely’ spend the check on something other than buying new stuff. And so they are buying it for you!

One young couple in Arizona, with a subprime mortgage they are having trouble making the payments on, received a brand-new air conditioner instead of a check. While the husband says he enjoys the cool air from the air conditioner, the wife commented that he better enjoy it while he can because when they lose their house there won’t be any more air conditioning. Plus the air conditioner is adding to their already high power bills – making their overall financial situation even worse.

The reporter commented that the postage for a check is just 41 cents and who knows how much money the guvmint will have to spend to mail air conditioners and the like. The IRS spokes-liar said “well, we own the post office and they have to do what we say.” ???

What happened to letting people decide for themselves what to spend the money on? And what happened to privacy? You think the government doesn’t know every move you make? 1984 has come and we didn’t really even know it.

So – let’s play a new game. If the IRS sends YOU a present instead of a check – what do you think it is likely to be?

I’m voting for a lawnmower. I can use it to mow the grass on the piece of property I am losing in my bankruptcy proceedings. How about you?

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