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Saturday, May 17, 2008

Lawsy, Massa' Huckabee, He Sho Iz Funny!

Hee-hee, dat white and delightsome Mistah Huckabee, he dun spoke to dem gud folks whut iz all fired up 'bout dey guns, yessir! He done even cracked wise what-for-wen a strangely African noise backstage git him's attention durin' his speechifyin'. Lawsy, but he quick on his feet! He make a rib ticklin' commentium 'bout which dat po' black man, cuzzin' to Saddamistic Husseiny, why, he be fallin' and runnin' fo covah, lest he take a bullet, ha-hah! Yessuh, many a twitter did emanatin' frum dey crowd at dat joke, boy howdy. Mistah Huckabee, he a reglar co-meediun.

Oooh, but we iz in fo mo hijinks as dey campaign gaw inta supa' hypa' drive! Mebbe we kin get mo of dem jokes 'bout killin' dey wife uv a candidate wit a rope, break her damn nek, yessir! Now, a fellah knowd dat dey Republisinner Partay wud nevah go awl negra-ative wen castin' about fo votes, no how. Nothin' comin' down dey elekshun pike but honuh and isshuz, let dey best man win (or wimmenz). We sho cum a long dam way since wen dem dayz of fear mongrin' 'n racist agitatin' make dey crowdz kinda bloodthirsty and awl. But now, dis be dee land of oprahtunity, and dem ole wayz got to go!

Well suh, best be gettin' back to dee crib ovuh at dey Jim Crow develupmint. I gots to lay low fo a time. Dey white man all afeard, and we knowz who gonna get dey whip wen dat happenz!


Historical footnote for those who aren't up to speed on the past (history is so boring!): see, we Americans used to buy natives from Africa and force them into involuntary servitude, which was just fine for most of the white folk for many years. Many of us Americans were loth to end this practice, though it was contrary to basic Christian principles. A war broke out as a result of the Confederacy's attempt to secede from the union after the election of Abraham Lincoln (a union established in the Constitution of these here United States) and over half a million soldies died during the war. When it was all over slavery was illegal but full-boar prejudice was just getting warmed up.

Today, people still don't know what to do about the fallout from those years of slavery, and the incomplete and muddled measures that were taken at the end of that war also contributed to a continual friction in the South, and then in the North as former slaves, and their families, fled to urban centers to seek better opportunities, and the chance to lead their lives as equals with all the other Americans.

As a result of certain progressive ideas such as the Civil Rights Movement, the Republican Party inherited many former Democrats from the south who did not cotton to integration and the (albeit very late) federal response to Jim Crow. Imagine fighting for your country in WWII or Vietnam and then being treated like crap after returning home. Give you a warm fuzzy, does it?

Racial prejudice, certainly not merely a phenomenon of the south, continued, even among the members of the groups that were discriminated against, to the point where shades of color would be noted and further discriminations would occur. In 2008, a mixed race individual, a man who was both White and Black, sought to be the nominee of the Democratic Party, to be their candidate for the office of the President of the United States. There are those uncomfortable with such a notion, racists who finger nooses and get all twitchy at the very idea of a man whose DNA is fifty percent African leading their nation as its chief executive.

And so this is where we are today: Get ready for more dog whistles as we head towards the November election: more innuendo, more bigotry and more devolution. As Cleavon Little said in Blazing Saddles (when addressing the townspeople as their new sheriff): Excuse me while I whip this out. Get ready for all kinds of garbage to be whipped out. This little barbecue is only just beginning.


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