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Saturday, May 17, 2008

What we're listening to...

I thought it'd be fun to do another playlist on what we're listening to. I ran into problems almost immediately, because I could't find Stacy Mitchhart's incredible blues cover of Zeppelin's Black Dog and Whole Lotta Love. I did, however, find Mavis Staples doing some civil rights gospel with her very political My Own Eyes and Leo Kottke's fantastic acoustic version of Aerosmith's Sweet Emotion. And of course I can't do this without adding a little Anouk. Her cover of REM's Losing my Religion is the best I've heard. And I can't stop myself from including her songs, Sacrifice and Michel, either.

You can get a feel for Mitchhart's Black Dog in this sample video at his myspace page. It's a shame you can't hear the whole thing. His riff on the "a big legged woman ain't got no soul" line in the middle of the song is hilarious.

So what are you listening to? Let us know by adding to the playlist. It's called On Our Ipods. You can add or search for songs here.

username: jcchristian
password: ourmusic

I also play a lot of what I'm listening to on the official radio station of Jesus' General, Radio Wellstone.


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