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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Minister's Kids Love the Dead

Once again, the black-robed fascists of our activist judiciary have handed down a decision that deepens the sad, sorry plight of the white, Christian male. In Wisconsin v. Grunke, the state supreme court emasculated the men of Wisconsin by denying them the right to have intimate relations with a corpse.

The case sprang from an incident in which "three men, carrying shovels, a crowbar and a box of condoms, went to a cemetery in southwestern Wisconsin" in order to dig up a date who might be more amenable to the idea of "gettin' lucky" than the living young women they knew in their daily lives.

The Court based it's decision on the concept of "consent," arguing that the deceased are not capable of saying, "yes." It's the kind of argument that passes muster in places like Wisconsin, and that's a shame. If these young men from good Christian stock* had attempted this somewhere deeper in the Heartland, the issues of the corpse's provocative dress and failure to say "no" may have come into play.

*My inner Frenchman won't allow me to post a link out of respect for the deceased's family. But, apparently, two of the young men are the sons of a Methodist minister.

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