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Friday, September 12, 2008

I bet President Bush doesn't know what the Bush Doctrine is either

So Sarah Palin doesn't know what the "Bush Doctrine" is. You don't really have to understand the central doctrine driving our current foreign policy to be qualified to be vice president; you just have to be willing to kick some ass. Sure the Bush Doctrine, which says that pre-emptive war is justified in some cases, was our excuse for invading Iraq and our justification for a potential attack on Iran, but Gov. Palin doesn't need an excuse. She needs an apocalypse to usher in Our Lord Jesus' second coming.

So forget about "Bush Doctrine" segment of her interview with Charlie Gibson. The important part is where she talks about going to war with Russia. That’s our apocalypse. It’s a shame she wasn’t president a month ago, because we’d be ass deep in apocalypse right now, with a possibility of having Christ stop by for Christmas.

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