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Saturday, October 11, 2008

Department of Book Reports: Poetry for these days

We're neck deep in the re-construction blues, so let me point you at PoetryPolitic
Running from September 15th through Election Day, November 4th,
PoetryPolitic has been offering a spectrum of critical and
imaginative thinking, through poems, audio and video recordings,
essays, interviews and reviews. The work on PoetryPolitic represents
the ways in which poetry might respond to the complexity of the
times. Featured poets have included Hayden Carruth, Don Mee Choi,
Matthea Harvey, Andrew Joron, Hoa Nguyen, Alice Notley, Reginald
Shepherd, Rod Smith, among many others.

They started out with one of my favorite Seattle poets, JW Marshall of Open Books, a Poetry Emporium

Open Thread: What's on your nightstand these days?

Your local Fine Independent Bookstore would love to show you more. Jackson Street Books would like to thank everyone who came to Dano's virtual birthday party, especially our guest musician Russell Eponym. Get a Second Life, people, we'd like to see you over there.

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