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Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Queen Esther v. The One, Mighty and Strong (or Barbie and Ken go all biblical on each other)

While many of us support Sarah Palin's efforts to sink McCain so she can come back as Queen Esther in 2012, many Mormon Republicans are working hard for McCain's defeat so that Mitt Romney may return and fulfill a prophecy received by Joseph Smith (link--about 4:50 into the video). The prophecy, known as the White Horse Prophecy, states that the Constitution will be hanging by a thread and an elder from Zion will ride in on a white horse to save it.

So if you think this election is wild, wait until Queen Esther takes on The One, Mighty and Strong.* I'm eager to see who wins this one. Whose God is stronger? Is it Palin's bachelor God who suffers from multiple personality disorder and likes to chat with peculiar Alaskan women? Or will Romney's philandering God--who knocked up Mary while His wife, Heather H. Yahweh, was busy quilting solar systems together at Relief Society--be the victor?

I'm thinking it might be a good idea to stay neutral--at least until after the convention.

*Because if Mitt's has to get on a horse, he might as well fulfill another prophecy by becoming The One, Mighty and Strong, as well.

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