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Sunday, January 11, 2009

Wellstone Needs Men

I don't write a lot about about our Second Life group here, because that's mainly my Inner Frenchman's deal, but we're having sort of a crisis now, and I need your help.

Women outnumber men in our SL group, Cafe Wellstone. That's a problem when we hold our weekly Dancing Liberally events where we dance while we discuss politics and snark on the politicians we hate, because it means that a lot of women dance alone. And they don't like that.

So why don't you consider joining us? It's free. All you need is broadband and a decent graphics card. We're a friendly bunch and always willing to help a newbie learn the ropes.

Lot's of good stuff coming up: inauguration festivities at Netroots Nation-SL, the filming of "Republican Jesus: The Movie," an NN-SL CD featuring some of your favorite bloggers and real-life artists as well as weekly events like the hilarious Billy Bob Neck's Hour of Being Digitally Good, Dancing Liberally, Album Cafe, Virtually Speaking, etc.

Women are welcome too, but I really need to get some Man-Americans there. I'll even find a shoulder punching animation so we can do manly things together.

Look me up after you sign up. My SL name is GenJCChristian Homewood.

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