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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

More proof Ted Haggard is heterosexual

Like many of his fellow heterosexual culture warriors, Pastor Haggard reveres the ancient Spartan warrior class. His favorite movie is called "Greek Holiday."

According to a review I found, it's the story of two young warriors, Tim Hamilton and Tommy Hansen (not Spartan names--they must be Cretans) who apparently "screw" [must be Greek slang for slaughter] anything that moves." They are joined by two other warriors, Jeff Daniels and Mark Aubrey (Corinthian names I suspect), and the four use "charms" to get on a Spartan boat manned by Julian Armanis and Gilles Marais. "From then on," according to the review, "it's a toss up as to who gives whom the best ride of their lives. The pairing of Tommy Hansen and Mark Aubrey alone is a match made on Mount Olympus. The six episodes in Part 1 will leave you panting for Part 2!"


  1. Truth is stranger than fiction. I sure this was all about Larry Craig.


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