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Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Christians at Tiller Service

Helmet tip to Frodofied.


  1. if you believe what mr. sign-holder does, then god sent Dr. Tiller to perform abortions as well.

  2. He's obviously a moran.

  3. Ah, the confident certainty of über-meta-proto-murikan-taliban-fascistas. Need answers? They know everything!

    btw: If a baby behaves in a conspicuously bad manner god will leave the severed head of a unicorn in the naughty baby's crib. I know this to be utterly true.


  4. the guy with the sign, isn't that bruce willis? looks like a really fun crew to down a few cold ones with...

  5. Looks more like Kevin James to me.

  6. God saw that sign and is currently warming up the Smite-o-matic 2000. If I were his neighbors, I'd be stocking the root cellar and bringing in the patio furniture about now.

  7. General, Sir:

    I really like that the young cop looks so "preppy", well, in a menacing, "what the fuck you lookin' at" sortaway.

    I wonder how no-eyes the dickhead would feel if GOD pulled a funny on him and had somebody put one right between his steely blues? (to the guys from CIFAlytics who monitor this site--not me, or any of my friends, relatives or associates would bother that lame fucktard, I'm just doing a little wishful thinking!).


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