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Saturday, October 31, 2009

Teabagger-Celebrity Scott "Chachi" Baio Denounces Sarah Palin

Scott Baio is the first teabagger-celebrity to comment on Sarah Palin's use of the phrase "the retarded baby" to describe her developmentally disabled son, Trig.

I asked him about it on twitter (it was a test to see if he followed the one true teabag):

He responds via DM.

I have to call his patriotism into question. Sure, he risked imprisonment in an H1N1 internment camp for calling Obama a "shitfuck," but now he's criticizing God's handmaiden simply because she makes fun of her child's disability. That's wrong; that's not teabaggy.

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  1. Lookee here, futureVicePresident Palin (in the upcoming Petraeus administration) doesn't hold with any of this "politically correct" BS of being gentle with the feelings of people who can't cut it. None of this "you're special" and "I love you just the way you are" twaddle. That's for liberals and sissies. It makes people soft. They're going to be insulted and picked upon all their lives. So why shouldn't it start at home?

  2. So wait a minute. He can call Obama a "shitfuck", but he can't say anything about Palin because it's not in his "mission statement"?

  3. A real tea bagger would never apologize.

  4. 'O cursed mission statement!
    'O rigid guideline!
    Fie upon the girdle that
    binds the words of Scott!
    Fie upon it!
    For would such a bridle
    coerce the head of a stallion?
    Would such a covenant bring to heel
    the avatar of light?
    A slave to obedience is abused this night!


  5. Anonymous4:24 AM

    So Scott Baio (who has no qualms about falsely and viciously accusing people on Twitter of creating dummy accounts to "harass" him and who has failed to live up to his mission statement's commitment to lobbying for legislation for special needs children) can't muster the intestinal fortitude to condemn Palin for repeatedly referring to her baby as a "retard?"

    Baio's lack of integrity and hypocrisy would be shocking -- if he weren't a right-winger.

  6. Scott Baio, the reincarnation of Sonny Bono, minus the talent.
    General, Sir:

    In the only congressional race in the U.S., the POP (Party Of Palin) candidate, Doug Hoffman, has been given a clear mandate by what's left of the POG to go for all of the marbles against Bill Owen, the Dems' candidate. Dede Scozzafava, the pro-life, moderate Republican pulled out of the race yesterday--three days before the election. I'm sure that she woke up yesterday and decided that, being a woman, she has no business in politics.

  7. Ryking, I heard you are not coming back to twitter. Please reconsider.

  8. I am sure that he is frantically writing to right now to see if he can have your account deleted for harassment.

    I do hope ryking comes back. He has a positive and unique voice, peppered with swear words.

  9. Anonymous2:45 PM

    General, Joshua, thank you both, but...

    It was bad enough that Twitter basically trumped-up the justification for my one-month suspension simply to appease a bullying D-list "celebrity," but the suspension is such that it won't be lifted automatically, I have to *request* that it be lifted on or after November 30th.

    I have no intention of curtailing my behavior towards right-wingers, and since that behavior has suddenly become verboten at the site, I asked Twitter to delete my account and this was done immediately. There's nothing left to reinstate, and I'm not interested in starting over, especially given the direction I've seen Twitter moving in the last few months.

    I discovered at the beginning of October, when Twitter locked me out of my account for a week without explanation before fixing the problem, that I was quite happy doing other things, no longer fixed in orbit around Twitter.

    I recommend everyone take a week-long vacation from Twitter -- especially those of you who recoil from the thought of doing so.

  10. Mister Ryking, Sir:

    I'm with you on "fuck Twitter", but that's partlycuz I am a technoluddite.

    General, Sir:

    Add Scotty Baio to the list of "celebrities" comprised of Tubby Keith, Lee Gruenwald, Teddy Nugent and their ilk. "Patriotism is the last refuge of no-talent hacks".

  11. I'm not sure VPtoBe Palin goes far enough. In the days of Sparta, a child would be checked at birth. If they were not perfectly healthy, they'd be left at the mountain or turned into helots.

    In regards to Biaos... Bows... Bayou... Bloody communist VC named actors should be banned! Point being, I think Scott's yellowness should be challenged as the Great General always does - with a round of nude spartan wrestling.

    How does America remain strong if those in power and celebrity are lily-livered?

  12. waitaminnit! this is the same Scott Biao that appeared in this very very NSFW comedy music video?

  13. Rev. Paperboy:

    That is a vile and disgusting parody of the stylings of that amazing chanteur, Mr. Al Yankovic. However, I see no reason why that video shouldn't be in 24/7 rotation until Scotty gets the cross out of his ass.

  14. Please cut Scott some slack. The mere act of being a parent tires him out so much that he will make sure his wife does it instead of working.

    Omg, I'm so wiped out from taking care of Bailey all day since 9 am. Renee will never have a job other than a mom. It's hard work.

    Also, when he hit 47 his prostate seems to have failed.

    Peeing a lot today, too much green tea !!!!!

  15. General, Sir:

    Don't you think it would be a good idea if somebody would make a movie, starring Scotty, Steven Baldwin and Kirk Cameron, about the EWOT? They could call it "The Three Mosqueteers" and show 'em blowing shit up and kickin' some Islamofascist ass. Otoh, BC's idea about Spartan wrasslin (no Trojans allowt!) while Scott's "Wrong Hole" music video plays in the background--now that's a good 'un too, a real "thigh slapper" or slappin' some kindaflesh.

  16. General, Sir:

    I hate to pile on Mr. Baio, but does the "Wrong Hole" thing have anything to do with "Joanie Loves Chachi" only going 17 episodes (I know, I know, it seemed like it went a LOT longer)?


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