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Sunday, November 15, 2009

Columbus go home?

This speaker at the St. Paul anti-Mexican rally is a little confused about our Teabagger values.

More here.

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  1. That's hilarious - an anti-immagration speech about the origin of the problem: your English-Americans, Dutch-Americans, Scandinavian-Americans, Scottish-Americans, Belgian-Americans, French-Americans, German-Americans. Ship us all back where we came from! He didn't mention Israeli-Americans, though. Is Israel no longer a part of Europe?

  2. Well that explains why I came down with smallpox this morning.

  3. General, Sir:

    I watched as much as I could. Why didn't somebody slap those two notmen who were talking right through his bold and assertive comments? Where was the pullshot to show the huge crowd of teabaggists?

    I think his problem might be smallcox disease.

  4. hilarious, obviously the crowd doesn't really listen to the detail of what this clever infiltrator is saying. Well done comrade "Erickson"

  5. The patriotikkk kkkrowd who was there to denounce immigrants (of the more recent, swarthy variety) might not have caught on to begin with, but as the linked blogpost noted, middle-aged men began attackkking the snot-nosed punks who dared to mock them. Isn't it glorious that a patriot kkknockkked some bicycle-riding weenie off his wheels, too? Where's your SUV, loser? Nobody can make THAT fall over!

    Thankkk goodness that the Minnesota State Police were there to restore order and prevent any harm from coming to the Minitwitmen. With the police on our side, patriotikk Amerikkkans will kkkick the kkkrap out of anyone who dares to laugh at us! Laughter equals death, you dirty goddamned hippies!

    I'd write more, but I'm almost out of "K's".


    (I found those last three in the couch cusions...)

  6. WELL DONE!!!!!!
    That guy was a plant (a non-flowering one, but still...)
    Great delivery and worked the crowd to a frenzy
    as he chronicled the exploits, foibles and atrocities
    of the Gay Euro Devil.

  7. My guy teabagged the entire crowd at one time...
    What dangly testicular thingys!!!!
    I know someone got bruised about the face and neck.
    I hear a teabag bruise looks like a ringworm but with more colour.
    Anyone have photos?


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