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Saturday, March 13, 2010

We Interrupt the Regularly Scheduled Book Report

Alicia Morgan, who blogs at LastleftB4Hooterville has posted some really awful news.

The Bank Is Stealing My House THIS Monday
After writing to my friend Blue Gal, and getting my situation on paper, so to speak, I've decided to put it on my blog. This is the one of the hardest things I've ever done as a blogger. The last thing I want to do is have a pity-party for myself. I am really blessed in spite of what's happening now; I have my family, my health, my friends and my faith, and I know that I am luckier than most people in the world. Nevertheless, these criminals have to be brought into the light, and maybe the more people who speak out about how these banking institutions who have brought us to this place are using the bailout money that we taxpayers have given them, the more pressure will be put on Congress to change things.

Here's my letter:

Hi Blue Gal -

You may not have heard much from me lately; I haven't been blogging, or writing, or doing anything politically. This is because I have been spending every ounce of physical, mental and emotional energy I possess trying to keep our family afloat and save our house. We were the victims of a predatory loan from one of the most egregiously criminal offenders, IndyMac Bank. I have not wanted to go public with our situation; partly out of pride, partly out of the hope that we would be able to get the bank to work with us. But it looks like this is not going to happen, and I am out of options........

Go. Read the letter.

Many of you count Alicia as a dear friend Idella Quandry in Second Life. If you haven't met her there yet, you can now listen to her inworld concerts at You can tune in at 8pm PST tonight.

What else can you do? Well, you can buy a book. We're proud to carry Alicia's book, and since we purchase our copies directly from her, the money will go right to her family.
The Price Of Right (Sterling & Ross Publishers, $14.95) From the publisher's catalog "Conservatism has run America into the ground, and it always will. How can it not? It's a governing philosophy based on myth, used to concentrate power in the hands of the few to the detriment of the many- exactly the opposite of what was intended by the founding fathers."
Here's one reviewer: "Morgan does a terrific job of fitting the pieces together and painting a picture that has the potential to reach a lot of people. This is a book that might open some eyes. I recommend reading it and then giving it to a Republican."
and here's another review from Journeys with Jood.

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  1. Here's a video that explains why the people who took over the carcass of IndyMac want people to be shoved out of their houses. You see, the bank behind the shoving-out can make a profit of $100,000 or so, with the profit part of the money coming from the FDIC, if they kick people out and do a short sale. And surprise! surprise! the folks behind this scheme are alumni of Goldman Sachs.

    Of course, speaking as a manly conservative, I must applaud this tactic. Because only by ripping off the federal government and forcing people out of their houses by using secret deals approved by that same federal government, can the paragons of private industry prove that government is teh eeeeeeeevil. Sometimes you have to destroy a country, and all the non-rich people in it, to save it. Whether or not there will be anything worth saving is another question, but nobody's paying me to ask questions like that, eh?

  2. Tammy, Bukko - I luv ya for this! We have a wonderful mortgage broker who is doing everything in her power to help us. We have filed for emergency bankruptcy, which will give us about 15 days breathing space, and last week we also did a RESPA request, which is asking for all the documentation. I think that's what people have been talking about. I have a response that I just put up at Hooterville, which is here.


    Yes, echoing a couple of comments at Alicia's blog..."Produce the Note" seems to be an option. A desperate one, but worth looking into. This link has several links within it on the same page with the video. Sorry you have to copy and paste it. [I hate trying to figure out html tags in different comment formats. :) ]

    i did try to post this at Alicia's blog, but blogger & google just would not let me log in from there, sorry. I am retarded.

    Alicia, love you -- am sending zen and positive thoughts for you.

    Tammy, get a book ready for me!

  4. You got it, Cricket!

  5. Thanks so much Cricket. That's pretty much what we're doing - I'm not giving up! Love to you!

  6. Update - the next sale date is in 6 weeks, so we're safe till then. A lot can happen in that time. xoxoA


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