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Monday, April 12, 2010

And Don't Forget Jim Crow Week

Forget about Virginia, Georgia, and Texas. If you're going to celebrate Confederate Heritage Month anywhere, do it in a state governed by a man who was endorsed by the White Citizens Council Council of Conservative Citizens.


  1. Wasn't there a Star Trek episode where Haley Barbour tried to steal the souls of orphaned children?

  2. Now, now, I'm sure Nazi Heritage Month goes down sweeter without all the bitter words about the mass murder of Jews, gypsies, gays, etc. If the South were to face its true legacy of slavery all them white folks might be tempted to learn empathy and compassion for all mankind, and then where would be? Who would be left to watch FOX News? I shudder to think. I just plain shudder.


  3. General, Sir:

    Howscome it's "Council of Conservative Citizens" and they all have their sheets monogrammed "KKK"? Is Haley Barbour somehow related to Hannah Montana (nee Miley Cyrus)? Is his real name something Billybob Redneck?

  4. When I see ol' Haley's chubby cheeks, I always think he musta eaten the remains of the late Brother Falwell. For inspiration, of course. The way the mackerel-snappers pretend to eat The Flesh of Jeebus every Sunday.

  5. This is the guy (Barbour) who will probably be the GOP presidential candidate in 2012. Let's celebrate the south's treason and racism then, shall we?

  6. I wonder, was he named after a comet?


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