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Thursday, August 19, 2010

Of course they deny it...

...but why should we trust these Homosexualist Commie Muslim Mexicans, anyway?


  1. I think it's shocking that only 18% of Americans believe in the impostoPresident's Muslimity. We kkkonservatives must yell it louder so the message sinks in! It's like the saying from The Party goes: "War is Peace, Freedom is Slavery and ______ is Strength." Stupid me; I always forget some of the words...

  2. Teh Gen'l is prescient. He posted this DAYS before the man I like to think of as America's Pope informed us that the Kenyofacsipresident is Mooslamic because he carries the seed of Izlom via his father's precious bodily fluid. Takes ya back to the good ol' "one drop rule" days, doesn't it?

    This should boost the "Obama = Moslimaniac" poll numbers by at least 10%! Come on, America -- you can do it! Right now those numbers are languishing at Snarlin' Dick Cheeney's approval rating, but with a little work on the truthy megaphone, kkkonservatives can get the Obamuslim figure at least as high as Bush the Second's approval!

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