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Saturday, October 09, 2010

Liberals attack legless teaparty candidate

Just when you thought the libislamunistofascists couldn't sink any lower, they attack a GOP teaparty congressional candidate, Rich Iott, for having no legs.

Update: Some readers are claiming that Mr. Iott has legs but is wearing camouflage pants. I don't see it.


  1. If there was a battle between balding no-leg men who dress up in Nazi costumes and bearded guys with beer bellies who fancy themselves Cornfedrat soljers, who would win? And it sure as hell wouldn't be the poofy-Pom in the skirt.

    P.S. Someone should tell Iott to put the "di" back in his name.

  2. From Iott’s Nazi reenactment group’s website:

    “It is our aim to bring you a bit of actual history behind the men who fought against the ‘Bolshevik scourge’; volunteers who came from the various Northern European countries allied with Hitler’s Germany who only had a desire to see an end to Soviet Communism.”

    But wait. I thought the Nazis were communists. Or socialists. Or “leftists.” Or something. Tea Party logic is hard.

  3. General, Sir:

    Herr (id)Iott sez:

    ""Historical reenacting is something millions of people participate in throughout the world," said Iott. "The fact they selected this one particular issue to talk about, I've done reenacting for 35 years for different eras."

    And one of his supporters weighs in:

    Local Tea Party organizer Bill Zouhary told The Blade Saturday that it was important to focus on what Mr. Iott stands for, which is smaller government and a move away from the types of big-spending policies that could result in hyperinflation, or a revisit of 1930s Germany.

    "I thank God there are people like him to run. This isn't an issue about Nazis; this is an issue about what's going on in Washington," he said. "The re-enactments, if anything, would bring to light what happens when you end up with an economy which is very similar to the economy we have now, which opened the door for a dictator like Hitler."

    (

    Counsellor von Ebers, being on the ground, so to speak, would know better than I but it appears that Ohio Nazis are persecuted even more for their support of an orderly, whiteliketypingpaper, civil society even more than the Illinois Nazi's (

    Herr (id)Iott's gonna need some serious Riefenstahling on the quick.

  4. As long as we get to invade Poland count me in.


  5. I did that re-enactment thing once a few years back. Only, I didn't want to play dress-up as something old and hoary like Nazis or Johnny Rubes. I wanted to costume like a combatant who was more contemporary.

    So I dressed as a Mooselm suicide bomber. It was Halloween, after all. I decided to re-enact the Madrid subway bombings of 2004. I stood on a subway platform in Staten Island, pulled up my Arab shirt to show these white packages strapped to my chest (suicide bombers don't use red sticks of dynamite, believe it or don't) and yelled "Allahu Akbar! You die now! BOOM!"

    I thought people would laugh at my re-enactment and congratulate me for the lifelike look. But they stampeded off screaming. Two people got electrocuted when they jumped on the third rail, and the subway train that was coming up hit the twitching bodies and jumped the tracks and somehow a fire started, which was actually good except for the five train passengers who died of smoke asphyxiation, because it allowed me to escape unnoticed. It helped that I had been wearing a fake beard and Yasser Arafat head wrap to disguise my identity, and I could throw these into the flames as I tippy-toed off.

    I was surprised it didn't get much press, but I think PatriotoMayor Guiliani suppressed the news because he was embarrassed about how stupid it made his law enforcement look, to not catch even a fake terrorist. Re-enterrorizer, really.

    But it's not like I was taking the terrrrrrrrrrrrists' SIDE, actually. I was just acknowledging the bravery they showed by being willing to die for their cause. Like futureCong. Iott does with his Nazi friends.


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