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Monday, March 28, 2011

More Learnin' from Conservapedia

I'm still continuing my education by readin' conservapedia. Here are a few of the latest things I've learned.

Liberal Trap
A liberal trap is a deceptive, and often dimwitted, question designed to elicit a response that can be taken out of context in order to criticize someone, for liberal gain.

Often a liberal trap is a question that can only be answered in a damaging way by virtually anyone, but answer is demanded of a particular person in order to try to harm him rather than to elicit meaningful information.

  • The liberal activist Katie Couric attempted to spring a liberal trap on Sarah Palin during the 2008 Presidential campaign by asking the candidate to produce an impromptu list of newspapers she read. The question had no apparent significance, as many highly productive people lack time for newspapers, and the internet is a more efficient source of information anyway.
  • Matt Lauer posed a liberal trap to former Presidential candidate John McCain, asking the former POW about an allegedly insufficient vetting of Palin, his running mate. The liberal media pounced on McCain's response (he didn't know, and he didn't care). Of course had he answered affirmatively, he would have been accused of a lack of due diligence in selecting Palin, and if he had answered negatively, he would have appeared to be contradicting the claims of his own advisors. No matter how McCain answered this unfair question, he would have been opening himself to accusations.
  • President Bush was asked during his campaign for reelection to identify his mistakes. His answer was portrayed as lacking in humility, but if he had more given concrete examples, then his opponents would have seized upon them to criticize Bush more.
  • The socialist Rachel Maddow laid a liberal trap for US Senate candidate from Kentucky Rand Paul. During a twenty-minute "interview", Maddow did little more than ask Paul the same question over and over, interrupting him repeatedly, attempting to portray him as a racist.
The Stonewall Riots were a series of riots perpetrated by homosexuals in 1969 at the Stonewall Inn in New York City. This Inn was a secret homosexual bar which operated outside the law and bribed police officers to look the other way so that it could continue operating without a liquor license and in violation of public indecency laws. It was owned by the Genovese mafia family. When the police finally were able to overcome the corruption and move to end the illegal activities at the bar, the homosexuals rioted, injuring many police officers and innocent bystanders. Homosexuals consider the Stonewall Riots to be their Rosa Parks or Braveheart, an act of defiance against injustice, while many historians see them as the unfortunate nascence of the gay agenda in the public eye.
Van Jones
Van Jones is a self-proclaimed radical communist activist who was appointed by Barack Obama to serve as the Obama administration's "Green Czar".


  1. This is probably a great post......I just can't get past that picture!

  2. We stinking liberals with our traps and our questions. We suck.

  3. Yes its minefield out there kids (unless of course those liberal Princess Di mine haters get their way) Socialists Communists Community Organizers Nihilists and Elitists (the SSCONE people) are out to pull down your balloon pants and laugh at your not-woman parts. Vapidopaedia and Cluelessopaedia will soon be popping up to guide in the bringing back the 19th century values coalition.

  4. Hey, wasn't that dude in A Flock of Seagulls?

  5. Thanks to Conservapedia, I learned that the Theory of Relativity is a liberal hoax and that Rev. Martin Luther King was a conservative Republican.

  6. I just read the entry on evolution. I'm unsure whether to laugh or weep.

  7. Conserv-o-pedia shows why the Internet was not, in fact invented by Al Gore, but Satan.

    Look at the damage the Internets have done to the world! Arab terrorists in Egyptistan, Libyastan and Tunistan have used faecebook and twatter to illegally overthrow their leaders.

    People openly write things against the church without fear of being burnt alive. People say mean things about Palin and Bush and retain their tongues!

    Because it is so contrary to common misheld beliefs Conserv-o-pedia proves how dangerous the Internets are. Only by showing how cruel liberal traps are, do we start to understand the spell Satan has put us under via the web (of LIES!).
    Someone other than me has to do a Christian suicide bombing of the intertubes. Maybe Pat Robertson or Phillis Schafly. The oppressed Christians will then be free of Satan's spell!!

  8. I think the guy in the picture got caught in a liberal trap and had to gnaw parts of his mullet off to escape.

  9. General, Sir:

    I never knowed most of this stuff, but the only real shocker is that the Genovese crime family are teh GAY!

  10. liberal trap: any question posed to a conservative which, if answered truthfully, is unflattering to the conservative, and if answered untruthfully is easily exposed as a lie.

    The inveterate tendency of a conservative faced with a "liberal trap" to choose to answer untruthfully is an entirely other kettle of lutefisk.

  11. I think the General should demand that head dress of his loyal troupes. I personally may have a problem if I can't get an off-the-shelf model seeing how I'm baldish, or thinning, or .. you know..

  12. Joe Visionary:

    I'm pretty sure that the subject photo is proof that man shared the Garden of Eden with dinos. If that feller ain't the product of a tryst between some cavetramp and a triceratops I'll eat my hat*.

    *I would anyways, it's made outta pepperoni.

  13. You forgot MY FAVORITE Conservapedia Entry, "Professor Values":

    Professors' common value system typically includes atheism, antichristian politics, censorship, socialism, unjustified claims of expertise and knowledge (for example, the dogmatic promotion of the theory of evolution, liberal beliefs, liberal grading, liberal bias, anti-patriotism, lack of productivity, bullying or discouraging conservative students (for example, homeschoolers), and promotion of sexual immorality.


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