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Thursday, August 04, 2011

Pamela's Tribulations

Our Lady of the Screeching Jihad, Pamela Geller, will release her latest book, "Stop the Islamization of America: A Practical Guide to the Resistance" sometime in the near future ("near," in this case, means after people forget she served as Norwegian Christian anti-jihadist jihadi Anders Breivik's muse).

You can pre-order it at Amazon, now. I hope you do. It's going to be an important book. Indeed, I predict that it'll be this century's Mein Kampf, but without all that silly compassion the Fuhrer sprinkled throughout his text.

I'm not asking you to purchase it with money. It's too sacred a tome to be bought with filthy lucre. I'm asking you to send Pamela's retailer something much more important, your blood, organs, or severed appendages. Isn't that more fitting than coin? I'm sure it's what she wants. You know how she is. She'll get hours of entertainment as she bathes and decorates in human gore.

Unfortunately, the liboreasonotolerencofascists are already attacking her book by assigning filthy tags to the its Amazon page. The most popular tags, thus far, include:
  • hate speech(95)
  • islamophobia(80)
  • hateful divisive political rhetoric(77)
  • bigotry(75)
  • inspiration for the norway killer(73)
  • religious hatred(56)
  • racist(47)
  • anders breivik fan(24)
I navigated my way to it by using the the vile tag, "bile swilling hate harpy."

Pamela needs you to come to her aid. Please go to the book's Amazon page and vote for a positive sounding tag or make up your own--maybe something like "For Those Who Don't Need No Fancy Book Learning;" you know, something uplifting like that.

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