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Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Proof God Created Everything

Ray Confort provides all the evidence anyone needs that God is our creator. He begins his inductive argument with the miracle of the sneeze:
Do you realize that you sneeze at 120 miles per hour? Did you also know that every time you sneeze, you have been programmed to close your eyes?
And then there's the question of hair. Only God could have thought out the hair thing so perfectly.
Where does your hair grow from? How can the thin layer of skin on your head send out a special hair, different from that which grows on the arm, or on the eyelids or eyebrows? Imagine if you had eyebrows or eyelashes that grew to the length of the hair on your head.
And snails, Our Lord and Savior magically adds rooms to their homes:
Have you ever studied the ordinary garden snail and wondered how its shell is able to grow in proportion to its body? A baby snail has a baby shell. As it doubles in size, it doesn’t discard it; the hard shell also doubles in size. Does the snail have a mind brilliant enough to make its own shell?
Moving onto butterflies, fingernails, and opposable thumbs, the latter being the secret to a true patriot's sex life:
How does a grubby little caterpillar lose all its legs while inside a cocoon, grow two fresh ones, then form itself into a beautiful butterfly? Consider your fingernails: where did they grow from, and what makes their substance? Notice how your hands hold a book, with the fingers cradling it and the thumbs holding the pages. Both thumbs bend forward, or you couldn’t hold the book. Hands have been designed to grip and feel.
Here's the clincher:
How is it that your lungs keep breathing irrespective of your will? You have been doing it without a second thought while looking at your thumbs. In fact, becoming conscious of it can hinder the process. Lungs seem to work best without any conscious thought from the mind.


At this moment, your liver, kidneys, heart, pancreas, salivary glands, etc., are all working to keep your body going. You don’t even have the power to switch them off and on. As you sleep tonight, your heart will pump seventy-five gallons of blood through your body each hour.
And the payoff:
Creation reflects the genius of the Creator’s hand.
And, his immaculate opposable thumbs.

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