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Thursday, February 16, 2012

More Tales of the Sad Sorry Plight of the White Hetero Male

The good, godfearing conservatives at "View From The Right" are holding a very enlightening discussion about the sad sorry plight of the white hetero male.

Proudly white patriot Patrick H. shares a story to which all us conservative-Americans can relate. People accuse him of being a racist simply because he believes that the unheatlandishly-hued are predisposed by their very nature to commit crimes:
I do not hate black people and I do not use derogatory language when referring to black people. However, after reading your blog and other similar blogs, I have come to believe: (1) that black people disproportionately engage in violent crimes and behavior; (2) some of this disproportionate behavior is intentionally directed at whites; (3) that the media has engaged in an intentional news blackout of black criminality; (4) that civil rights and other related laws imposed integration in all spheres of life to the detriment of both black and white people (and are unconstitutional); and (5) perhaps most controversially, that white females' voluntary association with black males in a romantic relationship exposes these white females to severe and imminent danger.
Nemo Quivedit echos what Patrick had to say. Although he swears he is not a racist, he lost his friends and a lucrative gig in the entertainment industry because he dared say that Black people were better citizens under Jim Crow.
I have worked in the entertainment industry since the early 1990s. A few years ago, when I had a Facebook account, I made the mistake of expressing there an opinion on the right of people freely to associate. I did not advocate separate drinking fountains for whites and coloreds, nor did I express my wish that the public schools could be once again segregated by race. I did not reminisce fondly about the happy, watermelon-munching, spiritual-hollering Negro slaves of plantations of the Old South, nor did I speak longingly of the joys of lynching or the burning cross. What I did do was opine that Title II of the Civil rights Act of 1964 be rescinded (along with subsequent legislation) allowing owners of privately owned accommodations to resume their traditional liberty to refuse admittance, service, and/or membership to anyone they wish. I made the further error of contrasting the current rates of black crime, black illegitimate birth, the overall state of black America, and black-white relations in general with those that preceded the end of legal segregation in America. And then to top it all off I added that so-called gay marriage was not only philosophically absurd and biologically ludicrous but that legislation enshrining sodomy as a civil right would prove to be as destructive and unjust as has the corpus of race-based civil rights law that preceded it.
It's hard to be a white Christian hetero man in America today. We are persecuted at every step. All we have left is the Senate, the House, the corporate boards, and those hogger shows on cable teevee. Who knows how long that'll last.

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