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Friday, May 25, 2012

"Who Do We Kill Next"

Michael Hirsh didn't think his life could get any better. With 13 kids, a shiny new conversion to the Catholic faith, and fame as the lawyer for Jesus' favorite assassin, Paul Hill, there was no room left to add even a smidgen of additional joy to his incredible existence.

Then, the Oklahoma gave him a gift he hadn't expected. It was an incredible gift. It was the gift of hope. Hope that someday soon, if a bill in the Oklahoma Legislature passes, godfearing men like him will have the legal right to shoot OB/GYNs who threaten womb-children-Americans.

So now, Michael Hirsh, the man who couldn't be happier, has a new reason to joyfully laugh:
Hmmm. Protecting an “unborn child against any attacker”? Does that mean that anyone can protect an unborn child from “any attacker”? Will Oklahoma womb-children can breathe a little easier? Will the new Oklahoma motto be, "We got your back, baby!"?

So I've been waiting twenty years to get a laugh. Some people worry that if this Oklahoma bill passes it will be open season on abortionists. But that's not going to happen. While it has been open season on unborn children in this country for nearly forty years . . .

For abortionists, there will be a bag limit.

Now that's funny!

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