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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Patriotogenius Proposes "Final Solution to the Muslim Problem"

View from the Right patriotogenius Matthew Bracken put all of his muscles into thinking about a "final solution to the Muslim problem", and decided that the nuclear annihilation of Mecca, and the sacred black stone housed within the Kaaba, is the answer:
In ancient Islamic history, the black moon rock was once stolen by a competing tribe, but after a brief time it was “found.” Islam carried on because nobody outside of a very small circle of imams even knew the rock was missing before it was replaced. But if Mecca was suddenly turned into a giant crater, there would be no way to conceal the fact from the world at large, including every Muslim. Today, observant Muslims believe that if every infidel nation fired every rocket and bomb at Mecca, Allah would turn them back or stop them in mid-flight. It is impossible for observant Muslims to believe that the Infidels could destroy the Kaaba, which is literally the physical manifestation on earth of their “greatest God.”
And that would spell the end of Islam, after its unparalleled 1,400-year reign of terror.
No Mecca, no Islam, as long as the world witnesses Mecca’s physical annihilation. There will follow a period of madness, with many Muslims committing mass suicide and mass terror, but more of them will become atheists or convert to Christianity (“the stronger horse”). In all cases, Islam as we know it will be finished. After fourteen centuries, the steady mantra “Our God is greatest” cannot become “We used to believe that our God was the greatest, but it was proven to be weaker, if not a fraud.”
God willing.
I'm sure Brother Bracken will do very well as a key adviser in the Romney administration.

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