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Monday, January 14, 2013

Patriot Says Skateboarder Tony Hawk Played Key Role in Sandy Hook Shooting Hoax

As much as I enjoyed sister pastor's wife Zsuzsana's groundbreaking post exposing the Sandy Hook shootings as a false flag operation to seize our guns, it was a link in her comments that provided the most important clues about the hoax.

At his website, WellAware1, American patriot Ed Chiarni exposes the children of baseball great, Hank Greenberg, as the brains behind the operation. According to Mr. Ed, no one died at Sandy Hook Elementary and actors hired by the Greenbergs played all the roles of the victims, family, and law enforcement we saw on our television sets.

Mr Ed's investigation is exhaustive and much too comprehensive to post here, but here's a short list of a few of the actors he indicts:

Skateboarder Tony Hawk, his wife, Lhotse, and their daughter played the roles of victim characters Emili Parker and her family.

The Office's Toby Flenderson (Paul Lieberstein) plays Newtown Police Chief character Michael Kehoe and co-star Angela Kinsey (Angela Martin) "looks exactly like Sandy Hook teacher 'Kaitlin Roig.'"

Former Klinton spokes Dee Dee Myers plays the part of Cathy Gaarden who was interviewed about one of the victims on television. Mr. Ed: "..they are attempting to trical the investigators and have them make a mistake by identifying the principal as Hillary [Clinton] when it's Dee Dee Myers."

This isn't Mr. Ed's first investigation. He's also identified actors playing roles in other tragedies:

The Oregon mall shooting featured former Obama campaign manager David Plouffe as Clackamas County Sheriff's Lt. James Rhodes.

Kevin Costner played pedophile coach character Jerry Sandusky; Ted Nugent played Sandusky's lawyer; and Spinal Tap actor Michael McKean (who is really the late actor, John Ritter) played the part of Rupert Murdoch.

And, of course, Adolph Eichmann was actually Bing Crosby.

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  1. billmon3:16 AM

    Did anybody ever see Adolph Eichmann and Bing Crosby together in the same room? Well, did they? I rest my case.


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