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Thursday, January 24, 2013

The Ruler and the Foreskin: A Tale of Parochial School Horror

Politichick Anne Yenny points out the real problem with teachers, they read studies and use their fancy expertise in education to educate their students:
Are all teachers liberal? Most are, but it’s not their politics that scare me; it’s their wholesale belief in studies and experts (and they consider themselves to be an expert) and their wholesale rejection of common sense and reality. They are convinced that since they are trained “educators”, they should be given free rein in all education-related issues and that as parents we need to support them in every way.
How did Mrs. Anne Yenny come to this epiphany? Catholic school teachers tricked her son into going hungry for Allah:
I didn’t ask him why he didn’t need lunch until he pounced on dinner. “I fasted today for extra credit,” he answered.

Fasting? Extra credit? ...A religion class each year at our Catholic school is mandatory, and in 8th grade a class in comparative religions is taught.

As part of the class, Sam’s teacher offered extra credit to fast on the first day of Ramadan.
Worse yet,the ruler-wielding heretic wouldn't allow young master Yenny to get extra credit for engaging in other, more Judeo-Christian, acts of piety:
I demanded Sam be given extra credit for having been circumcised. She laughed. I didn’t. My chilly silence convinced her I was serious. The disagreement was escalated to the principal. I eventually won the battle (without proof of circumcision being required, much to Sam’s relief) but I have to admit I didn’t change any minds. The principal, who is a good friend (with four kids, I did my share of time in his office) did not and does not understand why I found the offering of extra credit for only an Islamic practice to be offensive.

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