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Saturday, November 13, 2004

Cheney's mighty bulge of truth and justice

Thank God Deputy Leader Dick is OK. I thought this was going to be the big one.

I learned today that he may have already brought back a form of marquette. Certainly this woman's claims of human hunts suggest so, and by the looks of this photo, her description of him is spot on.

Maybe that's why he was so short of breath. I imagine that the temporary reallocation of blood might also cause some dizziness.

But then again, maybe it's only the transmitter for the thing Our Leader was wearing during the debates. It would make sense for it to be there, because this administration chooses to think with it's little soldier rather than it's brain. And thank God for that. It's the only way we'd have ever invaded Iraq.

Update: Or maybe it's one of these. There's nothing wrong with a man wearing a male incontinence appliance. I wear one myself. It allows me to sit in front of my computer fighting the war against terrorism for as long as mom keeps bringing the Cheetos.

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