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Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Leering Lou Beres and Gridlock Doc Hastings

I think Darryl brings up some great points in his letter to B**ver State Christian Coalition Director Lou Beres:

First, given the shameless promotion of the homosexual agenda in the public schools, we can view your non-consensual sex with very young female relatives as more of a pre-emptive strike against the godless heathens in the public school system filling minds of tender young children with contempt for patriarchy, pagan environmentalism, and an unnatural desire to see Madonna and Britney Spears together.

Read the rest here.

Darryl's blog, Hominid Views, is one of the blogs listed in my sidebar under "Frenchman of the Northwest Forests." I recently added McCranium to that list (although since it is based on the Alabama side of the Cascades, it should go into another category, "Frenchmen of the Northwest Shrub Steppe.")

These blogs are a must read for anyone interested in Washington state politics or in following House Ethics Committee Chair Doc "Gridlock Doc" Hastings's gyrations as he tries to serve his master, Tom Delay, while covering his ass at home.

As you'll see in the links below, Horsesass (the blog that broke Brownie's Arabian Horse experience), McCranium, and Washington State Political Report have been particularly subversive in their coverage of Gridlock Doc. We'll need to remember their treachery when we finally start holding Freedom Trials.

Rep. Hastings' inertia shames Eastern WA
Rep. Doc Hastings: "my constituents are stupid"
Doc just doesn't get it...
For Consumption in the State of Washington
Letter Number 2

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