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Saturday, May 12, 2007

She's no pervert

A few days ago, I posted a letter to Leah Kelley, the author of some of the hottest Christian Domestic Discipline romances around today (her crotchless pantaloons aren't bad either). I summarized one of her books, The Wisdom Worker, thusly:

I enjoy how Lucas brings his family closer together by mentally picturing his wife while he's spanking his daughter and thinking about his daughter while he's spanking his wife. That's one healthy Christ-loving family there. I've tried to model it in my own home by thinking about OfJoshua when I'm spanking Sheila, the Militia Morale Ewe. I think it's brought us all closer together.

Writing in her blog, the creatively titled "CDD Blog," Mrs. Kelly takes issue with that description:

The blog written by the good General is extremely inaccurate in its description of my fiction, namely my story The Wisdom Worker. As anyone who has read the story will tell you, Lucas, the hero of The Wisdom Worker, does NOT think of his daughter while disciplining his wife, nor vice versa. That suggestion was a product of the blogger's obviously warped imagination. Lucas was written to be a responsible Christian man leading his home, not a pervert who is interested in sexual activities with his daughter. It doesn't surprise me that someone who calls themselves "Jesus' General" would warp that concept.

As I recall, I took that description from Mrs. Kelley's own summary of the book, found here. Unfortunately, the current summary is different than the one I remember. Either she changed it, or I am indeed, warped.

So too summarize: Mrs. Kelley might worship Our Lord, Jesus Christ, by undergoing regular "mantainance" spankings with a silicone spatula, but by God, she's no pervert.

I should also add that it's comforting to learn that my readers sent her book sales through the roof. That said, I don't want to know how many of you bought crotchless pantaloons.

Update: My inner Frenchman steps in. I'm not sure whether to pity Leah or to hold her in contempt. Obviously, as John notes, her husband is a monster:

I lifted this quote directly from the "maintenance" link the General provided:

My husband informed me this morning we were going to have a maintenance session this evening for the first time in months.

As I mentioned in a previous blog, I've been having a hard time keeping things in order. My husband thinks a maintenance session might help me get back on track. I have neglected my health as of late and have been a bit ill, followed by an exacerbation of fibromyalgia. I am behind on housework a bit (just a bit--I've been careful to keep that going). I'm behind on homeschooling. My husband calls these the three H's-- Health, House, Homeschooling. Letting these slide will get me in trouble faster than anything.

God, this is just down right sad. Seriously. This woman has a medical condition that causes pain and fatigue, thereby causing her to fall behind in a few things. Because of this her husband thinks she needs a FUCKING SPANKING!?!?!? And she also believes that she deserves it!?!? I have to say that I feel sorry for her. Someone this Christopathically detached from reality needs help, starting with leaving that sick sadistic fuck she calls a husband.

But then, she encourages other women to put up with this crap by romanticizing it in her books--or is that another thing the hubby forces her to do to humilate her?

There's also the argument that she's an adult and should just walk away. But is that always an option for everyone? I believe there are people out there who are so emotionally and mentally scarred by abuse they received as children, they are virtually incapable of excercising free will. I'm not saying Leah is one of those people; I don't know anything about her. But you have to wonder.


  1. Anonymous8:35 AM


  2. Anonymous8:49 AM

    Well, now that she's got MY little general's attention...

    That's some seriously fucked up shit. I tried that with my ol' lady and I'm pretty sure she's bring charges. And rightly so.

  3. A quick look at the CDD blog suggests another explanation: she's selling mild kinkiness to repressed people by dressing it up in on a thick coat of Christianism.

    Granted, the potential darker explanation of domestic abuse can't be completely written off, but the wink-wink tone of the "maintenance discipline" and "spatula" posts, plus the underwear sales, make me think she's just found another way to fleece the flock. So to speak.

  4. I've attempted to post to the Halo Scan comments from your original post on this psychotic bullshit four or five times, Sir, and the HelloScum cocksuckers have swallowed every word.

    Thank you very much for following up on this. Anybody who thinks that this shit is "cute" or "sexy" or "funny" has been missing the point for a very long fucking time.

    And just in case nobody ever sees my comments on the original post, here's the original eBay auction, NOT Betty Bowers, NOT a "spoof," NOT fucking "funny."

    This woman should be put into long-term severe psychiatric facilities for the criminally insane, because not only is she condoning the battery that her husband perpetrates against her and her children, but she's ENCOURAGING other women to "submit" to the same fucking abuse. That makes her just as guilty as he is. Imagine how permanently-fucked-up her kids are going to be... and their kids... and so on, and so forth. This is where people like Rick Santorum come from, "parents" like this.

    This isn't "roleplay" or even remotely BDSM, this is "christianity"-sanctioned domestic violence. This whore is just making a PROFIT from the brainwashing, abuse, and desecration of women and children. She's not that far away from Alberto Gonzales.

  5. I'm having serious haloscan issues today as well. Damn thing keeps eating my comments on all the sites.

    Well, if you go through and read some of her other blog entries, you certainly find one seriously screwed up family. God help those poor kids.

    But it appears they're hardly alone. Did you note she has links to a couple of yahoo discussion groups devoted to this "Christian domestic discipline"? It's some whole little subculture out there where they're normalizing this sort of behavior to each other.

  6. Anonymous3:05 AM

    I'm glad that Christians are also into BDSM. Being French, I certainly enjoy it when my girlfriend beats me for misbehaving, and she enjoys it when I beat her. Spanking is a very healthy thing.

    I'm actually being serious here. I encourage you to look up BDSM if you disagree with me; there are several sites on this sort of stuff that aim to educate, and you might learn something that pushes your boundaries of sexuality. Disciplining one's wife is a fine thing to do, provided that the wife consents (WITHOUT COERCION, OBVIOUSLY) and enjoys it.

    If the wife does not consent to this sort of scheme, spanking said wife is domestic abuse and it's serious stuff, but to a consenting partner who enjoys pain, this spanking could be the highlight of the week, and I mean that in a positive way.

    Of course, it takes a very French ( = liberal) mind to accept BDSM as not perverted, so a conservative Christian who enjoys being spanked probably has a great deal of trouble expressing herself. Hopefully society will learn to accept creative expressions of sexuality and dominance/submission and stop treating people who enjoy it as perverts: the right actually thinks they're perverts and the left calls them perverts to play to the right. Same deal with Rudy Giuliani's crossdressing: conservatives think it's shameful, and liberals don't but say it's shameful to discourage conservatives from supporting him. Either way it's bad for people who enjoy these "perversions".

    Finally, let me just point out that dominating a woman is by no means disrespectful, to the woman or to women in general, when this is that woman's fantasy and is done by consent. This does not extend to children -- pedophilia is always bad, period -- and other common-sense things.

  7. Anonymous, you still don't get it.

    This isn't consensual BDSM, this is brainwashing that makes Jim Jones look like a rank fucking amateur. This is brainwashing and abuse that could've come straight from Karl Rove's misogynistic cocksucking mouth.

  8. Honestly, I don't see why this is even news. Some couple has "strange" sex life. It is clearly something the wife enjoys and is proud of. Some outside observer might claim she is brainwashed, but what do you know? You do not really know her. There are plenty of BDSM couples out there who enjoy similar arrangements. This is a total non-story for me.

  9. The more I think about this blog post, the more I feel that Jesus' General is in the wrong. The whole matter reeks of presumptuous self-righteousness that is unbecoming of a true progressive.

    Does it matter what kind of sex life this person enjoys or how they frame it? No, not in the slightest. In a movement marked by its capacity to let others live their life as they see fit, I do not understand where Jesus' General gets off criticizing this woman or the type of lifestyle that she openly and proudly advocates. There is no evidence to suggest that she has been brainwashed or that she is in an abusive relationship. There is evidence, however, that her "perverted" sex life is the result of a contract between two consenting adults. In fact, as part of her advocacy, she explicitly states that this type of behavior is only healthy when both parties consent ( - scroll to the end and look for Non-Consensual CDD).

    I think the progressive community can do better than this. Why pick on someone because they mix their spirituality and sexuality in a way that is unsettling to you and outside the norm.

    Feh. The whole thing is a disgrace.

  10. Hey, Krispyos --- when you get done pulling your pud over this demented woman's gleeful perpetration of abuse against other women and children, how about you think about it with your OTHER head?

    This isn't a "sex life" or a "privacy" issue any more than owning slaves was a "privacy" or "personal property" issue.

    Grow the fuck up and stop trying to change the fucking subject. If Jesus' General didn't see how demented and disgusting that this whole brainwashing clusterfuck is, he wouldn't have posted about it in the first place.

    If this stupid bitch chooses to submit to abuse in her house, that's her problem. When she subjects her children to it, when she tries to RECRUIT even MORE victims for this sickening shit, THEN SHE'S AS BAD OR WORSE THAN THE NO-DICK MOTHERFUCKERS WHO THINK THAT THIS GIVES THEM "MANHOOD" BY BEATING THEIR WIVES.

    Again, stop jerking off and actually THINK about this shit.

    If need be, I'll e-mail JG some old evidenciary photos that ought to shut your fucking trap and permanently.

    I know from whence I speak, and this shit ain't right. Until you grow a uterus and are on the receiving end of TRUE ABUSE, then you ain't got SHIT. You're just another fucking armchair fucking quarterback, trying to dictate women's lives with your little dick.

  11. Anntichrist S. Coulter -

    >> this demented woman's gleeful
    >> perpetration of abuse against
    >> other women and children,

    Umm. What? If you have evidence of this woman abusing others, please don't hold back.

    >> This isn't a "sex life" or a
    >> "privacy" issue any more than
    >> owning slaves was a "privacy" or
    >> "personal property" issue.

    Nice red herring. Last I checked, the slaves didn't volunteer to work in the cotton fields and they certainly didn't try to recruit others to be slaves (at least not of their own free will).

    >> If this stupid bitch chooses to
    >> submit to abuse in her house,

    Yeah. The guy who calls this woman a "stupid bitch" is the true progressive. Obviously you hold women in such high esteem. If your position is correct, and this woman is the victim of abuse, where the do you get off calling her - the victim - a "stupid bitch"? Is it because you know that this isn't an abusive relationship, that you are justing harping to hear yourself harp, and that this is really just her own personal choice, one that you happen to disagree with and find objectionable.

    >> When she subjects her children
    >> to it, when she tries to RECRUIT
    >> even MORE victims for this
    >> sickening shit,

    Certainly, in her fiction, the big strong Christian father did dole out some of that CDD on a child (I think she was 19 years old in the story... hardly a child, one of the more absurd aspects of the story itself). However, nowhere have I seen evidence that she abuses her child(ren), or another's children. Do you have such evidence?

    >> You're just another fucking
    >> armchair fucking quarterback,
    >> trying to dictate women's lives
    >> with your little dick.

    Right, the guy who is advocating for her right to live as she sees fit is "trying to dictate women's lives". I am trying to twist my head around this logic but it is very difficult. Maybe that is because of my "little dick".

    For someone with a name of "Anti-christ coulter", you think you would refrain from vitriol and ad hominem attacks in your argument but I guess you just couldn't resist. By the way, I'm the same commenter as f00bar jones. So feel free to call me by either handle.

  12. I think we can all agree on one thing: It's pretty hilarious how when "liberals" participate in "spanking" it's perverted, but when Christians do it, it's for Jesus.

  13. Foobar, give it up. You don't get it. And you're obviously not a huge fan of women yourself, or you'd understand what most of the women here are saying. So spare me your pompous pontificating and go find someplace else to sell your bullshit. I'm sure that FUX "News" would love it.

  14. >>Foobar, give it up. You don't get
    >> it. And you're obviously not a
    >> huge fan of women yourself,

    Ah, that is right. Attack me and not my argument.

    >> And you're obviously not a huge
    >> fan of women yourself, or you'd
    >>understand what most of the women
    >> here are saying.

    Yes, because I advocate personal liberty, I obviously hate women. Again, just another baseless ad hominen attack.

    You have not provided proof that this woman is being abused, or that she is subjecting others to abuse, or that she advocates violence against women, or that her husband is a "monster", or that she is insane. All you can do is attack me personally.

    Please get back to me when you have evidence to back your argument. Might be hard to find though, when it is her word against yours.

  15. Krispyos: You have not provided proof that this woman is being abused...

    Huh? She's being punished because:
    a) she has a physical affliction, fibromyalgia, which angers him because he believes she's not taking care of her health;
    b) she is slightly behind on housework and homeschooling (god help the kids) because her condition is painful and causes fatigue.

    I'd call that abuse, consensual or not. Have you ever heard of the Stockholm Syndrome?

    or that her husband is a monster

    He punishes her for having fibromyalgia for Christ's sake..

    Might be hard to find though, when it's her word against yours

    Read the link to "maintenance." Those are her words.

  16. Gen. JC Christian, Patriot:

    She blogs about her abuse? Please. She has a website advocating this lifestyle. She claims that is consensual. Do I take your word, the outside observer, or hers? Well, given the evidence suggesting that domestic abuse is occurring, I will have to take hers. Given the fact that there is ample evidence to suggest that she enjoys this relationship, and enjoys being spanked and even *gasp* derives some "perverted" (your words) pleasure from it leads me to the only obvious conclusion: she truly likes it.

    >> I'd call that abuse, consensual >> or not. Have you ever heard of
    >> the Stockholm Syndrome?

    You assume that is the case but you have no evidence. You have already cast judgment on her. Did it ever occur to you that she really, and truly enjoys this? That this makes her happy? That maybe, the enjoyment she derives from it is one of the reasons she so passionately blogs about it on her site?

    On what basis is the husband a "monster" outside of the fact that you personally disagree with the behavior?

    >> He punishes her for having
    >> fibromyalgia for Christ's
    >> sake..

    You know what, maybe his punishment is beating her into a bloody pulp within an inch of her life. I could dream up a million scenarios that would certainly fit the legal description of domestic abuse. However, in this case, you have no evidence. What we do know is that she enjoys getting forcefully spanked with various kitchen utensils (she wrote a blog post about how the silicon spatula just hurt, oh so bad). Right. Last time I checked, women in abusive relationships do not write about how much getting hit with a wrench hurts in the same tone of voice as one would write about the painful experience of receiving a tattoo.

    Submissive partners all want punishment for being *bad*. They may even honestly think they deserve it.

    If you honestly believe, as you apparently do, that the woman is the victim of domestic abuse, why are you ridiculing her on this website? Why are you not contacting the proper authorities. Face it, you do not believe this is domestic abuse. It was just a funny story about someone with a "perverted" lifestyle and you just could not resist yourself. My point remains, if that is the case, why call her husband a "monster", question her sanity, and ridicule her for a personal lifestyle decision?


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