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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Constitutional Amendment to Ban Christian Divorces

you break Jesus' heart when divorce is let in
you treat him like trash when you engage in such sin
but put not the steed before the love carriage
if you don't want some horse shit all over your marriage
if you think THE GAY is a slight to your vows
you haven't been looking at what's down at the DOW
and war, which destroys all that you hold dear
is truly a threat to all marriage, it's clear

but do many churches spend millions against
the merchants of death? i'll give you a hint
the mormons, the catholics and born again saints
cover the spectrum with one can of paint
poverty, health care: threats to us all
destroying marriages after the fall
but when do the voters rise up to fight back?
when Homo-Suppressives go on the attack

so now, it is plain, we must chart a new course
and mandate for all the War On Divorce
for christians who feel they must draw a line
it is time for them to see all the signs
divorce is the enemy and it must be stopped
marriage is sacred: preserve at all costs
and so, all you christians, soon nailed to your fate
when divorce is outlawed by the will of the state!

Image of Jesus, whose heart is broken every time a Christian marriage breaks, wants you to vote to end divorce for all those who claim to be Christian. And goddamn the rest of them!


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