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Sunday, November 02, 2008

Debating a Patriot

Last night, my Inner Frenchman debated a true American patriot, Ron Skytower, at Second Life Republican Auditorium. My Inner Frenchman stepped-in at the last moment when another libislamunistofascist canceled, so he had no time to prepare. Unfortunately, that did not seem to work to Skytower's advantage. My Inner Frenchman was unfazed by Skytower's Palinesque approach and raised a few points that made many of our heads hurt. I blame Skytower for this because he did not take it all the way and give us a wink.

Anyway, you can download and listen to the whole debate here. (May I point out that the SL Republicans are as competent at recording and processing audio as they are at carrying-out foreign and economic policy.)

Update: Whoops, I had the wrong file up. I've corrected that. Sorry.

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