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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Conservative Matters

"Ron Skytower," the alias of a fine West Virginia Republican who may be a candidate for the State Senate, is giving a series of lectures at Second Life Republican HQ. It's a shame that for some reason, I'm no longer allowed to go there, because the topics he lists on his schedule sound very intellectually stimulating (from a notecard distributed at SL Republican HQ):
Conservative Matters
Tentative Weekly Schedule
(Subject To Change Due To World Events)
  1. Grand Opening – The Liberal Lie – Opening monologue, and discussion of the characteristics of the backwards, and failed liberal ideology.
  2. The US Military – A study in heroism under fire from the aging radical hippies still stuck in the sixties.
  3. Capitalism – The engine of prosperity for the poor of the world, and the arsenal of freedom.
  4. Environmentalism – The New Evil Empire – An honest look at how the lies of environmental emotionalism and propaganda are wrecking our modern world.
  5. Spiders Scorpions Men – And Other Vermin. An analysis of how modern-day feminism is destroying the institution of marriage, and the loving family unit.
  6. Christianity Under Fire – How new age paganism, and liberal atheism are actively persecuting the free, and open practice of religion in the United States.
  7. Hatred Of America – A discussion of how liberals hypocritically claim to love their own country, and yet are seething with hatred for its history, traditions, and culture.
  8. Liberals Are Liars – Truth as a liberal concept, and practice, and how its demise is one of the greatest tragedies of our times.
  9. Liberal Narcissism And Intolerance – How hypocritical, and intolerant liberal ideology has become.
  10. Guilty White Liberal Racists – A frank and open discussion of how modern racism today is alive, and well, lurking in the liberal halls of injustice.
  11. A Great President – The real and utterly unsung accomplishments of George W. Bush, and the liberal Bush Derangement Syndrome which has hidden them.
  12. US History –Real history, not the revisionist history lies our children are taught.
  13. The Conservative Dilemma – The awful decisions that we all must make with the candidacy of US Senator John McCain.
  14. The Wellesley Radical – The candidacy of Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton.
  15. Obama Osama – The candidacy of Senator Barak Hussein Obama.
  16. Paradise Lost – What might happen if the US succumbs to its enemies both foreign, and domestic.
  17. The Conservative Manifesto – And outline of what we as conservatives must do in order to save our nation, and defend our culture.
  18. Gun Control – Means being able to hit the target, not to take them away from Americans.
  19. Thanksgiving – What it really means.
  20. Our Broken Courts – How the men in black robes have usurped powers that aren’t in the constitution.
  21. Christmas – How liberals have perverted its gentle, joyous message.
  22. Christmas – The birth of the prince of peace, and His place in our modern liberal world.
  23. 2009 – A New World Somewhere – They call the promised land. What the next year under a new atavistic liberal government might bring.
  24. Universal Health Care – Something for nothing, or nothing for nothing?
  25. Abandon Freedom? – An open and frank discussion of the gains made in Iraq, and how their loss might affect the entire world.
  26. Communism Socialism And Liberalism – Cruel lies told to the suffering poor of the world.

Click here to hear the first show.

A helmet tip to Wellstoner Jonnie Repine.

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