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Thursday, September 17, 2009

Fox 5 Promotes Heartland Values

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  1. Plucking that chicken - PLUCKING.

  2. General, Sir:

    I put it through the ZIT (Zapruder Investigative Technique) and it still sounds like "fucking" to me. But, then, many things sound like "fucking", to me.

  3. That was from New York City, where undoubtedly the Gothamorans do all sorts of perverted things with birds, probably even strange foreign ones like Porto Reekin' parrots. It wasn't about heartland values as practised by real Americans, (i.e white folks who live in the countryside.) They know that all-American animal sex means humping a mule...

  4. I just hope to God he wasn’t talking about Little Jerry.

  5. I'm pretty sure the female co-anchor passed an egg...look at her face. She passed a (presumably) large egg right on TV and nobody said a thing. Typical, really.

    What would an anchor-woman omelette taste like? I'm afraid of the answer, yet still I am yearning for resolution.


  6. Anonymous10:17 PM

    Oh, shit. I remember wee Ernie Anastos from his early days in NYC. He was a butthead then. Obviously he's been honing that craft to a razor edge...

  7. Exactly, MJS. She was sitting right next to him and she heard fucking that cherry and couldn't believe her ears. Then, he follows it up by practically licking a dollar and sticking to her ass.

    Dude's on drugs or something. Forgot where he was.


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