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Monday, April 05, 2010

As Republican as a Supreme Court Justice's cilice

President Joyce Waggoner
Oregon Federation of Republican Women

Dear President Waggoner,

Oregon GOP chair Bob Tiernan is out there all alone defending the RNC's $18,000 lesbian bondage party. You've got to help him out; let people know that a little girl on girl spatula work is as Republican as a Supreme Court Justice's cilice.

How about a bondage themed fundraiser? I think Carrie Prejean has a lot of time on her hands now. She'd be great, and I bet she'd bring Maggie Gallagher along too.

Heterosexually yours in a chaste, Biblical, and non-GOP kind of way,

Gen. JC Christian, patriot

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  1. I object to the use of the word "Lesbian."

    Just because there's girl on girl action, that doesn't mean that the women involved are femo-homo-sexuals, know to the East coast elite as "Lesbians."

    These women wear makeup, have long hair and are able to attract the erotic attention of heterosexual men and therefore cannot be "lesbians." I mean, just because someone's having sex with someone of the same gender doesn't make them a homo, after all.

  2. Maybe the GOP used coupons to visit that club. That way they could still be about values...and see free range titty in action. It's a Win/Win!


  3. [...]non-GOP kind of way.

    cracks me up. :-)

  4. General, Sir:

    What is it with these guys. I bust my ass at my part-time job, managing the chanteuses and such over at "Feelin' Good Gents' Club" and I can't get one of them GOP fellers to come, no matter what. Wait a minute, did I make a fo pas there? Well, whatever; I mean, it's a lot of work training the girls to diaper grown men and do all of that other weird shit that people like Dave Vitter like. I've even got one of the stall's in the Mens' Room set up so's that anybody who's homesick for an airport will feel like they're back in the saddle again. It's a puzzler, that's for damned sure.


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