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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Breitbart to Repackage "Birth of A Nation" as Obama Documentary

I can't vouch for the authenticity of this press release, but it rings true to me:
***For Immediate Release***
Contacts: Andrew Breitbart, John Nolte

Breitbart to Repackage "Birth of A Nation" as Obama Documentary

Breitbart News Wire CEO Andrew Breightbart announced today that he has acquired the rights to the DW Griffith classic "Birth of a Nation."

"Our plan is to eventually repackage it as a modern investigative documentary about the Obama administration," Breitbart noted, "but we may release parts of it, early, to ensure that the specter of 'scary, irresponsible black men,' like Obama, remains firmly fixed in the white imagination."

"I think Fox would be interested in helping us sell the 'House Chambers' scene as an undercover video of a Congressional Black Caucus meeting," he continued, "My best editors are working on it now, adding sound, doing voice overs, and using special effects to give it a more modern look." Smiling, he declared, "You know the Washington Post will eat it up." The "House Chamber" scene in "Birth of a Nation" features barefooted black legislators eating fried chicken and drinking liquor inside a southern statehouse.

Breitbart News Wire is the nation's premier source of heavily-edited video for the passionately credulous.

The "House Chamber" scene from "Birth of a Nation."

Elsewhere: Breitbarts latest video success.


  1. Lord of mercy, that boy just like ten spaz attacks in one phone booth! Somebody get him some ritalin or somethin'. Pour it in his nose and pray for advancement!


  2. The all Rev. Jackson and Rev. Sharpton are behind Birth of a Nation, just like they were behind the Sherrod issue. So I've been told ;).

  3. I’m curious, General. Did Nolte ever deny that Brietbart edited the Sherrod tape? Because I raised the issue with Nolte at least 10 times last night on Twitter, and he steadfastly refused to deny it – all the while addressing every other point I made in an exchange that extended over about two hours. Interesting, no?

  4. No, Dave, he didn't. He's a slime ball.

  5. Darn it, the impostoPresident gave that prejudigger her job back! Here the noble kkkonservative Mr. Brightfart had succeeded in stringing up -- I mean, "knocking off" -- another hate-filled nonmoneygiver to the white man, just like he did with Van Jones and those Acorniacs. One by one, the whiteopatriots were going to force shame-filled resignations from the swarthers, until finally they got the one at the top to quit. Now Americaucasia takes one step back from that glorious day...

  6. General, he’s a slime ball indeed. You know, by Nolte’s logic, his failure to deny that they edited the tape amounts to an admission, right?

  7. And sorry for the shameless blog-whoring, but I’m working on a blogspot called “Refudiate” This, Sarah, along with GottaLaff of the Political Carnival and a local friend, John V. Moore … and here’s a post I wrote about Shirley Sherrod.


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