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Thursday, March 03, 2011

Fox News: When Palm Trees aren't Scary Enough

You've all seen the O'Reilly Factor video featuring violent union protesters in a Wisconsin where palm trees grow. Apparently, the protesters in that video weren't angry enough for the patriots at Fox headquarters. It's been re-edited. Here's the final product.


  1. General, Sir:

    In defense of Mr. O'Loofah, Madison IS in southern, WI where, they do have some palm readers, palm trees I wouldn't know nuttin' about.

  2. Ooooo!!! I live in Kenosha. We are farther south and we have Palm Pilots. Admittedly, they are rather old though.

  3. Doesn't Rosie Palm and her five daughters live in Wisconsin?

  4. Will you give BillO a break?
    First you give him a hard time for being a lying sack of shit and an insane right winger.
    Now, when he gets progressive and starts to show the impact of climate change on our lives, you lay into him too.
    BillO cares about our world. He is concerned that if we don't curb our wasteful ways, WI will be covered in Palm Trees all of the time, not just when there are elito-communists trying to overthrow the elected government with peaceful mind-numbing violence.
    To paraphrase a great internet meme: "Leave BillO ALONE!" and all the associated crying under the covers.

  5. Since CA has Palm trees we can assume BillO is referring to the liberal far-left when he objects to free speech for anyone who isn't an oxycontin sufferer with a penchant for Dominican youth and Viagra.There is a danger in a remote place called Viet Nam(WI) where we were attacked and now we must defend........

  6. Those palm trees do make me want to go punch a t-bagger. Somewhere where it's warm, though.

  7. Anonymous10:21 PM

    General, Sir!

    As noted by BC above, islamocommiefascist Vulcan mind-meld experts are messing with Papa Bear's brain and making him show footage of global warming in Wisconsin. Palm trees! In Wisconsin!

    Were Kenyans involved???


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