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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Arizona: The Swarthy Face of Terror

The Arizona Counter Terrorism Information Center (ACTIC), a joint effort involving patriots from the AZ Dept. of Public Safety, AZ Dept. of Homeland Security, FBI and local agencies, produced a series of videos covering the "signs of terrorism." I noticed after viewing them that although they didn't explicitly list one sign, swarthiness, it's a major theme within the videos.


  1. General, Sir:

    The DHS (Die Heimat Sekuritat) will NOT be caught sleeping on the job--although some other airport employees have been--and let another swarthofascist slip away. Y'know they never did catch the "third man" in the OK City bombing. They only got the two white boys and the criminal mastermind in the baseball cap (or at least a sketch artist's idea of what some eyewitness accounts musta looked like) got away clean. Not again, not on their watch. Besides darkofascists commit all the other crime too.

  2. I was particularly worried about the woman in the "Financing" video segment, the one in the blue blouse, the Fattoterrrrrrrrrist.

    Armies of people like that could lay on top of standard-sized American patriots and smother them to death! If enough of them got on an airplane or a Greyhound bus and suddenly rushed to one side of it, they could tip the balance and cause a devastating crash!!!!

    (Apologies to any of Teh Gen'l's acolytes who have made the Overweightofascist lifestyle choice. I imagine the rest of you in Generalandia as buff and Spartan-grappleable men, or lithe and spankable not-men, but some of you might have gone over to the other side. Please, step away from the KFC bucket and repent!)

    Back when I used to come to the Uniterrorized States (before the airport groping and 2-hour waits at the border crossing in Blaine, Wash.) I usedta see a lot of these potential Fattosmotherterrrrrrrists. It made me scared, thinking of struggling for my last breaths in between the pongy cheeks of their massive buttocks. In that sense, the Chubbofascists have already won, because to walk the streets among their massive, ominous bulks is enough to strike fear into the heart of a 97-kilo weakling like myself.

    And from what I've heard, Arizona is full of people like that! Can't SSheriff Arpaio put them in re-education camps wearing giant pink muumuus or something?

  3. What!?! Do you think good white Christians would blow up Federal buildings, band together in militias dedicated to overthrowing the government, and shoot doctors dead in church!!??!!

  4. Anonymous12:58 AM

    AZ is a beacon of light in the darkness


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